How to make a Website for Free | Make Your Own Using xtgem

Mobile/Wapsite creator when compared to any other websites. No programming knowledge required to work with Xtgem.
  • Unlimited Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidht
  • Easy To Use
  • Free


Managing Conrol Panel

  • Create
  • You can edit your homepage/main page/index page here.

  • File Browser
  • Manages all your files, folder/directories, etc.

  • Template
  • There are many templates to select, you can select any one of them. Selected template will be automatically applied to all xHTML files in your site.

  • Earnings
  • Provides you earning just by enabling ads.

  • Settings
  • In this, you can

    • Change your password using ‘password’.
    • Set/Change your email using ‘E-mail and password reminder’
    • Park any domain name to your site using “Domain parking”.
    • Enable/Disable Tips and Enable/ Disable Images using “Look & Feel”.

  • Automatic Login
  • To prevent entering your username and password each time when logging in, use a specially generated URL. Simply bookmark that page and use it to login next time.

Creator Functions

  • E
  • To Edit Block

  • +
  • To Add New Block

  • To Remove Block

Block Functions

  • TEXT :
  • Text: Enter your Text.
    Font: Select your Font style.
    Color: Select your font color.
    Class: Select class.
    Insert New Line: Need new line/ enter (yes/no).

  • Link :
  • Address: Link address/Web address.
    Text: Link Title.
    Color: Font color.
    Class: Select Class
    Insert New Line: Need new line/ enter (yes/no).

  • Image :
  • Upload file or use images in file browser or just click on enter URL Image File
    Text: Image Title.
    Class: Select class.
    Insert New Line: Need new line/ enter (yes/no).

  • New Page :
  • Page Name: Page Title/Page address.
    Link color: Font color.
    Insert New Line: Need new line/ enter (yes/no).

  • File
  • Upload your file to your site,(Your visitors can downloads your file, when this link is clicked)

  • Image Link
  • Address: Link address/Web address.
    Image address: URL of an Image.
    Text: Image Title.

  • New Line
  • Align
  • leveling blocks under this function.

  • Code :
  • You can input HTML, WML, JavaScript, etc codes here.

  • XT Functions :
  • XT Function is a great function only found in Xtgem. You cant see this function anywhere else.

    • Time and date: Returns current time and date.
    • Counter: Sample visit counter.
    • Online: Outputs a number of people currently browsing your page.
    • Advertisement: Publishes paid advertisements in your pages.
    • Country: Returns visitor’s Country.
    • Browser: Returns visitor’s browser Info.

    • IP Address: Returns visitor’s IP address.
    • File list: Generates links to files in current folder.
    • RSS Reader: Reads content from given RSS File.
    • Local File Include: This is a XT Function dedicated for easier file structure management. Includes one file’s content into other file.

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