[Root] Manually Clean Android System – Android Devices


Here are the list of folders that can be cleaned from android root. This will speed up your phone. This Clean-Up can be done to clear traces of uninstalled apps before doing any loot trick.

I use Xplore file manager. U can use any file manager with root access.

System folders:
Delete all the files inside these folders but don’t delete folders.

Sdcard Folders to deleted
Delete all files starting with “.” in root of sdcard only
Also delete folder in
Which are not related to any installed apps(leftovers).
Some phone may have two external storage clean it accordingly (use little brain).

Reply here with your phone model and android version. If it helped you

NOTE: Folders listed in orange color is not tested in all devices. Clean your system carefully. I m not responsible for any damage done to your mobile. Always have backup of your contact and important data in safe location.

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