How To Generate Whatsapp Group Invitation Link

Generate Group Link On WA Prime Whatsapp : Ok so today we will learn how to Generate Group Invitation Link on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is now became the largest online messanger because of its great feature and other abilities. almost Every individual use whatsapp infact now a days in some Android Smartphone whatsapp come as one of the inbuilt App like Micromax ,Lava etc. whatsapp App was once our wants but now it turned into our needs. Whatsapp need internet connection for messaging or for calling purpose but we know that it does not consume much Data, This is the main reason we relay on Whatsapp Android Application For messaging or for calling .

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Every day thousand of group were created on whatsapp for different purposed. but the problem with those whatsapp group is the we have to add members individually and that is one of the most boring or say irritating thing which we dont like. So to overcome this issue WA Prime Whatsapp Developer have Added a New Feature which is Now the Admin of the whatsapp group can Generated their Whatsapp Group invitation Link . With the help of which other user can join that particular group without need of Admin to Add them Individually. So i think it will proof a great help for those whatsapp Group Admin to Increase Their Group Member. Ok so now lets see How we can Generated our Whatsapp Group Invitation Link.

Steps To Generate Group Invitation Link In WhatsApp :

1. First of all You have download WA Prime WhatsApp

2. After You have that Delete your old WhatsApp from your Phone.

3. Now Install and open the WA Prime WhatsApp and Complete verification process as you deed While Creating Your Old Whatsapp Account.

4. Now Open any Group and Click on Info Option.

5. Then click on add Member and there you can see invite group via link.

6. Now simply Share link with your friends and when friend click on That link your friend will be join your group within 5 second.

7. Finally You are Done. Now sit back and Enjoy.

Terms & Conditions:

1. Share the invite link only to trusted people because once if any click on the link they will be added to the group without any permissions.

2. Do not share group links transparently, You may go in a bad position, as anyone can get section to your group without your permission being an administrator.

3. Invite Link looks like this:

4. Don’t try to open invite link in any browser it doesn’t work. Open the link with WhatsApp only.

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So hope you will enjoy this article about whatsapp group invitation link. feel Free to comment if you face any problem regarding this group link generation. And do support us by sharing this post on Social media using below option or you can also suggest your friends to visit this Site . Lastly Keep visiting here for more Latest Tips and Tricks.

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