how to hack your friends facebook

Some Computer Hackers have been busy in finding a ways to easily Hack Facebook Accounts. But hacking Facebook accounts is not an easy task because Facebook is paying supernal entirety to its security experts and penetration testers to keep user accounts as safe as possible. Facebook has integrated Three Trusted Friends feature to restore or recover lost passwords. This feature was included to recover or restore Facebook Account but it is exploited by hackers to penetrate into someone’s Facebook Account. Apart from third party tools it’s the only one possible way to hack Facebook Accounts. It’s the major loophole in Facebook security Keyloggers, Phishing websites are also the helpful alternate methods whereas brute forcing, dictionary attacks, DDOS attack etc. will not work directly due account lockout feature. Hacking of Facebook Account with Trusted Friends is also not so simple and easy. To get started with it, you have to create three fake Facebook accounts and make sure they are in friend list of the person whose Facebook account you are going to hack into this tricks.

It is only for knowledge and educational purposes don’t use it with wrong intention.

How to hack your Friend’s Facebook Account:

At first create three new Facebook Accounts and add these three accounts in your friend’s list. If you are done with the first step then you have also done 90% of your work.


Now click on Forgot your Password button, it’ll show three options to recover your password.


Then the first option gives his E-mail Address and gives your Friend’s Full Name in the name field. Now if everything goes well then you will see the profile picture of that person. Now click on the No longer have access to these.


Now Enter Your New E-mail Address which does not associated with any Facebook Account yet. Now click on the submit button.


Now you will be prompted to security question. If you know the answer then it is very well, otherwise gives wrong answers for three times.


After three unsuccessful attempts, it will ask you to recover your account with trusted fried feature. Now click on the Continue button.

Account Recovery 

Then it will ask you to choose three friends, now select your accounts from the list and click on Continue button each time. After sleeting three friends, Facebook will send security codes to the E-mail Address associated with those fake accounts. Now Login to each account and fill the security codes in the same manner. You can also check spam messages if the E-mail is not there.
Now you will get Reset password E-mail on your E-mail Address. That’s it, you have successfully hacked your friends Facebook Account in 5th steps. 

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