How To Highly Compress Files from GB to MB.

Hello Everyone!! Today we are Posting How To Highly Compress Files from GB to MB.

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You must have heard of Highly Compressed Softwares and Games and Wondered How do they Compress it so much.You must have seen some Games are Compressed from GBs to MBs. So today we are Sharing the Trick to Highly Compress Files from GB to MB.
Highly Compressed Files can help you save a lot of Space on Hard Drives and after reading this Post you’re gonna save a lot of Space on your Hard Drive.

How To Highly Compress Files

  • Now lets start with the procedure. Once you have Installed FreeArc on your Computer, Open it.
  • Find the Files that you want to Highly Compress .
  • After Finding the Files, Select them in FreeArc Main Interface.
  • I am using Cheatbook Database 2014 as an Example for this Tutorial.

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Now Click on ” Add ” button. (The Button with a Red Dot Icon).
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Now a new Window will Popup. Click on the Compression Tab and then Select ” Maximum” in the Left side of the Window.
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Now again go to ” Main ” tab and then Rename your Archive with whatever name you want. After that Click on OK.
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If you want to add any Comment then you can Click on “Comment” tab and then Add your Comment that you want to be appeared while Decompressing.
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Now click on OK and Compression will Start.
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