How to Wifikill apk PRO download [Latest]-Android

Wifikill apk [Wifikill PRO APK] is an fantastic app that lets you to disable the devices connected to the same wifi you are connected. Well, with this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network.

WifiKill Pro v2.3.2 Patched Apk worked very well. In addition you can use to get a wifi connection in full speed by using this application. How it works eliminate users who are connected to the wifi connection. So that only you own that are connected to the connection. In addition it is also very easy to use. You can own. After I tried this app really works unlike the false application circulating on the internet.

Whenever you connect your android device to a wifi network, the internet speed you get on your device depends on various factors such as bandwidth of the wifi network, number of devices connected to wifi network, distance of your device from wifi network, etc. Bandwidth of wifi and distance to wifi router cannot be changed directly from your android device and you cannot increase internet speed in your android device by these methods directly. But, now you can increase internet speed on your device by third method i.e. limiting or removing other devices connected to the same wifi network as yours by the help of wifikill.
Wifikill uses a special technique that allows you to restrict internet access to any of other, or all of other devices at once. It means other users in which you block/restrict internet access, are still connected to wifi network but they cannot access to internet. Even after they reconnect to the wifi network, if you are still using wifikill, they cannot use internet within certain time, when wifikill has not still refreshed the list of devices.

FEATURES OF WifiKill Pro Apk :

  • grabbing blog traffic, showing sites visited by grabbed gadget
  • revealing bytes transferred by “snatched gadget”.
  • tablet computer friendly!
  • android 4.x only.
  • Note, needs root accessibility.

Download and Install WiFi Kill From the links Given BelowLaunch and enjoy it! 

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