Hack WiFi Settings After Once Connected


We all have once thought to hack WiFi(WirelessInternet for Frequent Interface) and from now – you will.Since it is very tough to broakinto WiFi using Kali Linux ,here is very easy trick to hack WiFi.

You can attempt this trick only when you once connected to WiFi.So this trick will work onevery open WiFi.(This is only for educational purpose – no incident will be relate to author)

Let’s begin…

Step 1 : After connecting to the WiFi that you want to change its settings,Download IP Toolsapp.

Step 2 : Open IP Tools and copy Gatewayaddress.

(Like here my Gateway address is :

Step 3 : Open your web browser and paste it on URLbar and hit enter.

  • You’ll find that web page asks you to enter Username and Password (In some cases username is already given)

Step 4 : Now just find router name and its model number within that page and search it on google for its default username and password.

  • Like : RouterName default username password

Step 5 : Now enter that username and password in that site which you’ve opened with it’s Gateway.

Step 6 : Now laugh hahahahahahaha because you’ve entire control of that WiFi 

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