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Free WiFi Hacker-WiFi Connect” is not a real wifi hacker! It doesn’t hack wifi,snatch wifi password or do anything like wifi hacker! It’s just for fun.Only Free WiFi and shared WiFi are provided.WiFi Connect will be safe and fast.


“Free WiFi Hacker-WiFi Connect” (No.1 WiFi Master Key Manager)
-500 million free wifi hotspot
-One click-Free WiFi connection
-Easy to test wifi security
-Share free wi-fi hotspot&wi-fi password safely.
WiFi Connect:
“Free WiFi Hacker-WiFi Connect” scan and search free Wi-Fi around you automatically.With only one click,you can connect to free wifi even you don’t know wifi password.

WiFi security:
“Free WiFi Hacker-WiFi Connect” can test your network security and mobile security.In this way to provide a safe mobile network.The range of Security detection is Encrypt Detecting,ARP Detecting,DNS Detecting.

Share WiFi:
“Free WiFi Hacker-WiFi Connect” is a wifi manager will allow you connect free wifi,test network secuity.As well,you can share wifi password with others in our wifi sharing community.

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Free WiFi
Wifi connect is free.Swift WiFi Master Key prentend to be wifi hacker and offers you free wifi hotspot nearby.
Safe Wi-Fi
This app provide trusted free Wi-Fi services and guard your Wi-Fi safety.We are not wifi hacker.All free Wi-Fi are safety,some are free wifi hotspot,others are shared wifi those shared by our users.

Easy and fast
wifi connect and wifi share are easy.With just one click.All free wifi password are shared by users, and the availability will be automatically detected by Swift WiFi Master Key.
Around the world With millions of free wifi shared by our users all over the world, you can complete wifi connect and share free wifi when you are travel or in places such as cafe,subway station,hotel and other places all by “Free WiFi Hacker-WiFi Connect” (No.1 WiFi Master Key Manager).


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