Hello, After Publishing how to be Always online on Whatsapp we came up with New post. how to get Whatsapp online Notification when your friends are online You may wonder how it happens.You can also send fake location on Whatsapp. This can be possible with Gb WhatsApp.Here you can Download the latest version of Gb WhatsApp. Gb WhatsApp is 100% safe no malware and will not disturb original Whatsapp. So you can Run Dual WhatsApp without Rooting and No need of parallel space.If you want to know the procedure, just Continue Reading.

Whatsapp online Notification

  1. Just Download And Install GbWhatsapp latest version.
  2. Go to Gb WhatsApp Settings As shown in below figure.
  3. Then Goto 2nd option Main/Chat screen

Then Select option 2.5 Contact onlineToast

Then Select Show contact Online Toast

  1. Yes, Now you are Done You will get a notification when your friends are online.
Change Settings according to you


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