Airtel Tricks To Get Free Unlimited 3G Internet 2017

Hi. We are back with another airtel tricks, this airtel free internet trick working in FEB 2017. This 3g free internet trick working all over india and also tested previously i posted now i am posting free internet in airtel  with opera handler.

After a long time we’re again here with Airtel 3G Free Internet Tricks Unlimited. In this trick i’ll show you how to use Free Airtel Internet with simple tweak so every one can use this trick to use surf or download unlimited net in Airtel for free. The interesting part is that this tricks works for 2G , 3G and 4G too. Yes, you heard right ! Speed may go down sometimes but it is working fine with good reception. Using This Trick You Can Now Make Your PC or Android Mobile Free Downloading Support. You Can Download Any Files With this tricks . In case if your Airtel Sim is Blocked , you can unblocked by using this method . After that , just follow the Steps given below .This trick is based on simple tweaks. This trick work on both PC and Android Mobiles .

How to get free internet in airtel 2017 :

  • First of all download opera handler, it is easily available in google
  • Now go to setting in your phone and put following APN :
                1) Name : Vfmob
2) APN :
3)Proxy :
4)Port : 80
  • Now save the setting
  • Now open opera handler and put following front query :
  • Now save it and enjoy.
Please keep in mind that don’t use huge amount of data with this airtel unlimited internet trick because they will block your sim be careful, share and enjoy.