Download Latest Terrarium Apk For Android


You won’t be finding terrarium apk at Google Play store. So, below is a direct download link. Get the latest, tested version of Terrarium App. The current size of the app is around 7-8 Mb which is much lesser than Showbox.


1. FULL HD (1080p) and HD (720p) Movie sources with working links,

2. Free entertainment– Don’t worry there aren’t any hidden charges they are going to impose on you. My honesty demands to tell you that Ads are going to be in the way. However, that is okay when the performance of the app is not affected by them.

3. Download and watch movies offline- Trust me when I downloaded and watched Doctor Strange in HD. Perhaps it was the best thing that I could have done to test this app. The app needs a VPN connection to work, but downloads ran well ON ADM app even without VPN.

4. Multilingual subtitles are available- Well for a few movies only, but yes they are available.

5. Fast sources- for Full HD and HD movies, mostly Google Drive links are available.

6. Many TV shows and movies- a Massive database of movies and TV series that I never expected in an app that has just got its ratings high on the internet. From animation to thriller, you will find all the latest movies here.

7. Bookmark your favourites- I do not want to struggle with the things that I searched and found with difficulty. I guess you are on the same platform while researching came. Perhaps, bookmarking is the best solution to all the woes regarding finding favourites and search items quickly.

8. Genre selection- Freedom of searching movies based on genre.

9. Chromecast support- This I found refreshing. You always have the option to watch a movie on a bigger screen. Interestingly, This excites some of us, but some like it on smaller screens also.

10. Smooth UI: Every click went through the water. There were many options on every click. Every option worked outstandingly well. Moreover, Separate pages to the TV series and movies are there. There are segregation based on categories like Trending, recently updated latest, most favourite new shows and genres like Sci-fi, family, comedy, melancholy, drama mystery and more that you should experience by yourself.

Terrarium TV App Requirements:

  • Android 4.0.1 or higher version
  • MXPlayer to stream (Fact: MX player is undoubtedly the most powerful video player on Android)


  • Works on VPN, no issue of tracking.
  • App download size is no more than 6.9Mb.
  • Uses Google drives, not torrents and are more secure and organised.


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