Ori and the Blind Forest is a single-player platform-adventure Metroidvania video game designed by Moon Studios, an independent developer, and published by Microsoft Studios.

Just as we predicted when it was first released, Ori And The Blind Forest is a game that tends to polarise its players: you either like it… or you love it. Apart from a general grumble that it might not be ‘your sort of thing’ it’s hard to imagine anyone having a bad word to say about a game that so proudly wears its heart on its sleeve; both in terms of its fondness for games like Metroid and Zelda and its own emotional style of storytelling.
The game was originally released on this exact same day in 2015, and to be honest we’d forgotten there was even supposed to be a definitive edition this year – for the simple reason that it seemed perfectly complete as it was. We would say that more of a good thing is always welcome, but the video games industry always seems desperate to prove otherwise. But in this case it’s true.
The game’s opening 10 minutes don’t so much tug on the heart strings as wrench them halfway across the room. Portrayed entirely without dialogue, we won’t spoil what happens but the end result is that the rodent-like Ori is entrusted with saving the equally titular Blind Forest. In true video game form this involves collecting three MacGuffins and an awful lot of platform jumping.
The game’s opening scenes are almost worth the price of admission alone, especially as they’re followed by a relentless array of beautiful backdrops and gorgeous animation. And at first the gameplay seems relatively unique too, with Ori able to leap tall boulders in a single bound. As a result there’s a greater emphasis on platform jumping than most Metroidvania games, with the expected influx of new abilities mostly centred around movement rather than combat.


Company: Microsoft
Languages: RUS/ENG/MULTI8
Original Size: 5.4 GB
Repack Size: from 2.3 GB [Selective Download]


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