Planescape: Torment EE Full v3.1.3.0 Paid version Apk + Data Download here

Planescape: Torment: Enhanced Edition – Plynaskyp: tournament games and incredibly beautiful with excellent build in the style of play the role of Beamdog for Android that time ago with $ 10 in Google Play is released again as always and under typically decided for the first time in Iran to introduce your presence lovers RPG games and to once again bring you to ecstasy! Now, if developers want a story in His define the cinematic turn, tournament scene in the movie, but at the time of its launch a little fashion were full to abandon all time validity the game puts on the shoulders of words. Tournament structure, all elements “Baldur’s Gate” or other D & D games on its own. Leveler systems to weapons, fighters or anything else that you would expect from a classic role-playing in the tournament there, it’s at its best! However, the role and number of nuclear tournament and it is not figures, dialogues and stories around the tournament will be his! People in the game talk and you are in a large collection of call that is in front of you, you answer them. Now the simplest mechanics may be explained, but the tournament with the same system, Magic has tournament and maybe an interactive novel know the novel images with complex elements and a deep role, working up to the moment it do not give up and do not lift the monitor. Pictures and mechanics are doing their own work, while the words, feeling that you pass! If you are in any way interested in role-playing games Planescape: Torment not miss!

ou may say to yourself, why SOFDL words “Best Role-Playing Game On” to play Planescape: Torment EE is used? I must say that no other game, fiction area and the tournament will not repeat the film 800 thousand word for it, see something else yet! A third tournament play may not even see this film a long time. And great live tournament world and its creators, do not insist that all that is written and have made you come out in front. For example, many characters are in the game you can invite them to come looking for you. Frankly, can you finish the game and see a lot of characters and even though they do not know; it’s a long story characters, each with their own background and special characters are high. Believe even this part of the dialogue, characters, sound is also !? The game has many features that put it in this post we talk maybe about 50 times the length of the page to reach other posts! It will serve you complainant that if the enthusiast gaming performance are undoubtedly Planescape: Torment EE with special design and construction of its outstanding preferred to win the game. Up to this moment and in just a few minutes to less than 10 Buy that all buyers have given it a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 SOFDL today and we introduce the first version of it along with the data that we can use it with high-speed data servers download site.


How to Install & Play ?

  1. Uninstall any previous version installed
  2. Download the latest modded APK of your choice and data
  3. Enjoy…