How To Download Youtube Video Without Any Software

Hey guys one of the biggest drawback of YouTube is we cannot download videos from YouTube. To download YouTube video we credit use of YouTube downloader or other applications/software most of them are full of irritating adds or asking to donate some amount. I am giving insurance , after reading this article you will be able to download YouTube video without any software on any device and of course I, am not asking to donate you some amount.

How To Download Youtube Video Without Any Software
How To Download Youtube Video Without Any Software

Alternative Way to Download YouTube Videos (No Software)

There are some easy steps which you have to follow step-by-step to download it from YouTube.

At first, open YouTube and select any video which you want to download.

Then here you can see the URL of the YouTube video which you will find a top of the browser.

After seeing the URL of the video, just add “ss” before

Download YouTube Videos with ''ss'' system

After adding “ss” into the URL then press Enter bottom.

After pressing the Enter bottom, you will see your YouTube video page automatically redirected to the “” site.

Now you can choose the resolution of the video which is available for the video.

Download YouTube Videos from

After choosing the resolution of the video you will see the download starts automatically and after some time it will be completely saved in your computer Hard Drive. After which, you can watch it easily without spending any internet memory.

“Also, we have shown a very popular method to download with software, but remember a region-filtered video cannot be downloaded with this method.”