Best youtube alternative 2018

Friends now a days youtube is become most populer to watch any video on internet.On youtube you can watch any video like related to education,trvel,foods and all other categories.Since the Internet has come into the world, the first name to look at the video that comes to mind is YouTube.we come with Best youtube alternative 2018

There have been many changes in YouTube over the years, making this video streaming site better. Also YouTube is a video site on which the most and many types of content can be seen.

Best youtube alternative 2018
Best youtube alternative 2018

And may be some users are bored by looking at the same thing many times. Also, when one thing becomes habitual, new things are not even known. If you remember YouTube only to watch the video, then there is a lot more to do besides YouTube.

Best youtube alternative 2018:-

In these video streaming sites, even though you may find Bollywood content, but there are plenty of other types of videos here. There will be many types of funny videos, other internet viral stuff and trending videos. So let’s see what this video streaming sites-



Vimeo is best alternative of youtube we have found.You will find many types of content on the Vimeo video streaming site. Bollywood may miss you here, but besides this you will find many different types of trending videos here.



After YouTube Dailymotion is a popular video streaming site. In this you will feel much like YouTube. Here are many video clips, viral things will be found. You can follow the channel here as well as youtube.



Metacafe are also quite popular for watching videos and so on. Here you will find videos of all the latest, popular and trending videos.



Flickr is also a fun site where the video can be enjoyed. People can also be followed in this. Users can also share and upload videos on this site.



The first thing to talk about is the Hungama  filled with Bollywood songs. Here you will find audio songs from all types of latest movies, as well as you can watch the video. In it you will find TV shows, get movies and have special content for children. If you want, you can buy some plans, in which you will get more content access.