How to send Self-Destructing and Secret messages on Facebook Messenger


With almost a billion users, Facebook Messenger is the second largest messaging app after WhatsApp. Since Facebook acquired Whatsapp, it has enabled all its users to end encryption, who updated the app. However Social Media is huge, Facebook has said that their message applications are fully protected from any security leaks and they keep working to fix any loophole in security. But the next level is not monitored by any company or government to offer privacy. So, Facebook has launched a “secret conversation” in its Messenger app.

How to send Self-Destructing and Secret messages on Facebook Messenger
How to send Self-Destructing and Secret messages on Facebook Messenger


The “secret conversation” feature is available only in the messaging app, not for desktop or browser chats. In a single secret conversation, users can send private data that is destroyed after a particular time period. Sent messages are visible only in the Messenger app, not in the browser or in any other Messenger app.

What is Secret Conversation?

Using the open protocol system’s single protocol, Facebook has added an end to the end of encryption for a conversation. Inside this encryption, users can fully secure their information. No one can know or break the encryption, not even Facebook or NSA. You can set a 5-second timer for 1 day for your destructive messages which can be activated with the secret message option. The timer starts after the message is viewed by the contact; Incognito conversations are not enabled by default; You need to activate the app

How to Activate Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger?

Before sending a secret message to a friend, we have to activate secret conversations in the app. So let’s do it.

Step 1. Once the Messenger app opens, it will show you the last chats, open the person’s chat to whom you want to send a secret message.

Step 2. Click on the profile icon in the top-right corner of the app that will take you to your Messenger profile and settings.

Step 3. Below you can see a “secret conversation” option after photos and media.

Step 4. Once you open it, you will see a toggle button, click on the button.

Step 5. Now tap on it to activate the secret conversation to “turn on” with your permission.

Once activated, you can send a secret message to any of your contacts. You can still send secret messages or self-destruction messages straight away. To send a secret message, follow the method below.

How to send Secret or Self-Destructing Messages?

It’s almost similar to activating secret conversation to send a secret message, however, you need to go to the Messenger profile of that contact which you want to send a secret message instead of your profile.

Step 1. Go to the chat box in the contact that you want to send a secret message or send a self-destruction message.



Step 2. Click the button (i) inside a circle that will take you to the Messenger profile of your friend.

Step 3. Below the option of nicknames, you will have a new option called “secret conversation”.

Step 4. Once you tap on the option, you can see a new chat section for contact.

All the messages you send in this chat box are encrypted and can’t be opened without any device key. All messages sent by you to the contact will lock up after 10 seconds. It can be closed in the timer, which you can see with the stopwatch above the keyboard. In this option, you can either turn it off or prolong it for one day.

This is everything you need to know how to activate and send Secret and Self-Destructing messages in Facebook Messenger app. With this cool option, you can send more personal information and secure information like bank or ATM details, talk to someone which you don’t want anyone to see without any risk.

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